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Solaray Install World’s First Enphase Storage Beta System

Sydney-based solar installer, Solaray Energy, has unveiled the world’s first Enphase Storage System to be installed as part of the Enphase beta testing programme, indicating that the company is in the final stages of testing before market rollout. The system was installed at the home of Peter Thorne, an electrical engineer by trade and a director of Solaray Energy, the leading independent solar installer in Sydney.

This is an exciting day for the solar industry as Enphase Energy, one of the leading energy technology providers globally begins rolling out a product that many expect will revolutionise the way households manage their power consumption.


Sydney’s Leading Independent Solar Installer

Solaray Energy is one of Sydney’s leading solar companies and has been helping thousands of customers get the best value from solar power for many years. As one of the most trusted and reliable solar companies in Sydney, customers know they can trust the Solaray Team to deliver reliable, professional service at competitive costs.

We offer a 100% guarantee on our installations, and our systems come with comprehensive warranties on the panels, the inverter and the mounting kit. Peace of mind and industry leading customer support come standard with a Solaray Solar System.

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If you are looking to install a battery ready solar system, or even if you just want to know more about it – call or email us today to find out why more customers than ever are choosing Solaray Energy.

Solaray have solar solutions from small residential solar systems across NSW, to large commercial scale installations right across Australia.

Our consultants are highly trained solar experts who are able to assist you to select the right solar system for your needs. We make sure you get the most benefit from your solar system to help reduce your power bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

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Enphase Micro Inverter Systems

Solaray are the Number One Installer of Enphase Micro Inverter Systems – the most advanced and reliable solar power solution available in Australia. Having installed more systems than any other solar installer in NSW, Solaray are the right choice to ensure an expertly configured design, professional installation and post sale support.

Latest Enphase News: Solaray are now the largest installer of Enphase Solar Systems in Australia*… Find out more!

Installing a Solaray System using Enphase Micro Inverters allows each panel in the system to work independently from the other panels. This ensures maximum output of solar power for your household or business as we are able to design panel arrays with more flexibility, and on roofs with patchy shade.

Enphase Energy are the world’s leading Micro Inverter provider and the only brand that Solaray use for micro inverter solar systems. Enphase have produced over 5 million micro inverters, and are considered the #1 residential inverter supplier in the USA. Enphase have over 100 patents on their technology and are firmly placed as the global market leader for micro inverter solar systems.

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Enphase have completely revolutionised residential solar power with panel level output and industry leading online monitoring. Enphase systems are now right across Sydney, and Solaray are proud to be the largest and most experienced Enphase installer in NSW.


Enphase systems installed by Solaray and shared for public viewing (we have many more).