The End Of The Power Bill

As We Know It

Solar & Battery Storage in 2017

As more and more battery storage systems are installed across Australia, we are now witnessing a revolution in the way households are able to generate, store and use power. Thanks to the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery, some Solaray customers on sunny days are now running their home on solar power 24/7, allowing them to significantly reduce their power bill.

After adding a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery to a 3kW solar system from Solaray Energy, this family in Pitt Town are now running their home entirely on solar power, with an average daily energy usage of around 15 kWh.

During the day, a 3kW Solaray solar power system powers the house (blue) and excess solar power is used to charge the Powerwall battery (red). Once the sun goes down, the household runs entirely on battery power all night (green), it even has enough capacity to work the next morning. Other than a small supply charge, this solar household won’t have to worry about their power bill any time soon.


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