How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost?

They Might Be Cheaper Than You Think!

enphase-ac-battery-on-the-wallWith the end of the Solar Bonus Scheme and high feed in tariffs, Australian households are seeing the benefit of storing excess solar power to use in the evening.

Solaray are now installing solar & battery storage systems that can run a typical family home on solar power 24 hours a day. With the power grid still predominantly powered by coal and gas, installing solar with battery storage is the best way to vote for a clean and renewable power grid in Australia.

Solar Batteries are compatible with any existing solar system, and are connected directly to your meter board where we install a system hub that connects your house to the cloud for advanced system monitoring and management. Solaray Energy Management Systems come with home automation capabilities built-in, and they are fully compatible with micro-grids once they come online over the next few years.

Solar storage has taken off over the last 6 months, to the point where we are now installing nearly all off our systems with either integrated battery storage or as a battery ready solar system.

The price of storage depends mainly on how much capacity you want installed and any additional features such as backup for when the grid is down.

Many households are looking to capture excess solar power to use in the evening, which would often be well suited to a smaller battery such as Enphase, whilst other households are looking to run their home almost entirely on solar power with backup functionality. This will typically involve a larger battery such as the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Current Solar Battery Prices

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Battery Storage – Return on Your Money

20160909_112337One of the most common questions we get at this early stage is: “is solar storage worth the money?”

Our answer is to throw a question back at you: “how much would you be prepared to spend to save, say, $1000 per year? Your answer to this determines when you are ready to buy Energy Storage…

(Importantly, this is not actually the way we determine the value of batteries, but it is a good introduction.)

Let’s say you install 5kWh of Energy Storage with an estimated lifetime of 10 years (3,500 cycles).

Let us also assume you will use all of that 5kWh each and every day.

Lastly, let’s assume you are paying 30c per kWh for your power today.

Therefore, your 5kWh of storage would be expected to save $1.50 per day (30c x 5kWh) or $547.50 per year. The batteries themselves should last well in excess of 10 years – although the capacity will slowly diminish over time.

If you were happy to accept that you would get your money back in say 7 years, you would therefore expect to pay around $3800 for that 5kW of storage. If you needed to get your money back in 5 years, it would be around $2700, and $5,500 for 10 years, and so on.

The cost of batteries start at around $2,000 for smaller units such as Enphase and larger batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall start from around $11,000. Because battery systems need to be accurately sized up to match your requirements we encourage you to make an enquiry. A member of Solaray Storage Team can go through your options and present you with a full quote for installation.

How to size up a Solar Energy Storage System?

In reality, we use rather complicated spreadsheets and analysis to work out the best size storage system for you and to make a fairly accurate estimate of your savings.

Naturally, we also take into account the size and performance of your current or future solar system which has a major impact on the value you get from your storage system.

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Install the Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2 From Solaray

With twice the capacity of its predecessor, the Powerwall 2 is set to completely revolutionise the way Australian households use, store and manage their power. It is with great excitement that we announce that the Tesla Powerwall 2 is now available for pre-order from Solaray Energy. The Powerwall 2 is a home battery that stores excess solar electricity to be used in the evening. It can also draw power from the grid when power prices are low.

Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter, Powerwall 2 enables solar households to further reduce their power bill and maximise self-consumption of solar power. In fact, with a capacity of 14 kWh a typical family home will be able to run all evening on stored solar power.

The Powerwall 2 comes in 2 different models:

  1. AC-Coupled Powerwall 2 without backup for any existing solar system including Enphase, SMA, Fronius and ABB inverters (Approx. $11,000-$12,000 fully installed).
  2. AC-Coupled Powerwall 2 with backup (add approx. $1300). This is a different model to the AC-coupled Powerwall so you can’t update to backup after installation. Again, this battery is compatible with any existing solar system. The backup function allows for 1 full cycle after the grid goes down.

The solar & storage experts here at Solaray can help you design the right solar storage system for your home. Please contact us today for more information and personalised pricing.