Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid solar systems combine the best features of grid-tied solar and off grid solar. A hybrid solar system remains connected to the grid and uses solar batteries to store excess solar power for when it is needed, such as in the evening or on a rainy day. Hybrid solar is by far the most popular solar storage set-up as it is much cheaper than going off-grid, requires less storage capacity and has the ability to use the power grid as a back-up.

In a hybrid solar system, solar power is first fed into the home, and then excess solar power is used to charge the batteries during the daytime generating period. Power from the batteries is then used at night when the solar system has turned off. Here is a typical set-up:

The price of Hybrid Solar Systems have dropped to the point where it is now beginning to make financial sense. For the first time, the payback of a hybrid solar system is now shorter than the life of the batteries – a momentous step in the renewable energy industry that should see the next big uptake of solar roll out across Australia.

Hybrid Solar From Solaray Energy

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Enphase Energy Management System

enphase-ac-battery-on-the-wallThe innovative Enphase Energy Management System combines energy generation from your solar system with battery storage, control, and management into one complete solution. It’s smarter and more connected than ever before.

The response to the new Enphase Power Storage System has been incredible! We knew that an interest in battery storage was going to explode this year, but we have seen an even greater demand than what we expected. In fact Enphase have just announced that they will be doubling production in Australia.

The Enphase Energy Management System is unlike anything else currently available because of its compatibility. Enphase Batteries are connected directly to the meter board, where we install a control hub that manages power consumption and storage in the home. This allows the Enphase power storage system to be compatible with any existing solar system. This is in stark contrast to other battery systems that typically connect directly to an expensive hybrid solar inverter and have limited compatibility.

The system itself has been designed to be modular, expandable, easily installed and can be tailored to each customer’s usage profile. A household or business will be able to monitor their usage, solar generation and peak times, and install more battery capacity knowing that it will pay for itself in the quickest possible time.

We are very excited about the possibilities that the Enphase Energy Management System will provide for households and businesses and believe the Enphase product will be a market leader.


SolarEdge + The Tesla Powerwall

StorEdge with interface

SolarEdge is a revolutionary solar system that uses the latest technology turn your solar panels into a Smart Solar System that will produce more solar power and give you more flexibility.

Tesla Powerwall Compatible!

SolarEdge is currently the only solution in Australia that is fully compatible with Tesla’s Powerwall home battery. You will now be able to manage your power consumption to further reduce your power bills and increase your energy independence.

SolarEdge’s StorEdge™ DC coupled storage solution allows home owners to maximise self-consumption and enables energy independence. Unused PV power is stored in a battery and used when needed to maximise self-consumption. The solution is based on a single inverter for both PV and storage. Existing SolarEdge systems can be upgraded to the StorEdge™ solution.

Tesla Powerwall Installed

Fronius Hybrid Solar

Fronius Storage24 hours of sun, self-consumption and Ready for Smart Grid

Fronius is based on the motto “24 hours of sun”; the Fronius vision for the energy storage revolution. These premium residential solar inverters created by Fronius contribute towards ensuring that all the energy in the future will come from renewable energy sources.

Self-consumption is just as important to Fronius as Smart Grids. Fronius is working hard to ensure that its inverters enable solar system operators to consume as much of the energy they generate as possible.

Hybrid Solar is Here!

Smart Energy Management will revolutionise the way Australians use and store electricity. The Fronius Symo Hybrid is the heart of the storage solution for 24 hours of sun – the Fronius Energy Package.

Fronius offer a complete hybrid solar package which offers households the chance to maximise the self-consumption of generated solar power.

Energy management combines solar generation, storage, load management and home automation technologies into one solution to help you further reduce your power bills.

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Redback Smart Hybrid

Redback Hybrid Solar SystemRedback is an Australian company focused on the development of advanced, low cost energy solutions for residential hybrid solar systems.
Redback are placing the power back in the hands of Australians by allowing them the choice of how and when their energy is used. The Redback Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System is the answer. An intelligent, affordable, reliable and innovative system that reduces your carbon footprint and helps you save on your electricity bill.

The Redback System is one of the most affordable and sophisticated systems on the market today that manages your solar energy without hassles or hidden extras.

Using innovative technology, a smartphone app and internet based software, it allows you to monitor and manage the energy you create, ensuring that your home is working at peak efficiency. The system also provides you with the option of selling your power back to the grid. With an Australian support team, you have peace of mind that your system is locally maintained.

Solaray’s Redback Hybrid Solar Systems Give You:

  • UPS/Battery Backup in one robust unit
  • Export control that can be managed according to local grid regulations
  • Wi-Fi, generation, and consumption monitoring included
  • Intelligent system that maximises self‑consumption and provides market leading return on investment
  • 24/7 System Support
Redback Hybrid Solar