The Future of Renewable Energy is Here

SolarEdge – The Future of Renewable Energy

SolarEdge is a revolutionary solar system that uses the latest technology to turn your solar panels into a total home energy management system. Solaray customers choose SolarEdge for:

  • Quality & Longevity
  • Higher efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Panel-level online monitoring
  • Home automation! Send excess solar power into your hot water, air conditioner or pool, and control it all from your phone.
  • Electric car charging functionality coming soon

SolarEdge offers the most advanced technology available, plus your system can be upgraded to some seriously exciting developments such as  consumption monitoring, home automation and EV charging.

Increased Performance

One of the biggest limitations with a standard system is that the panels are installed in series, meaning that the system will always perform at the rate of the worst performing panel. This means that partial shade on even just one panel can have a large impact on the output of a system.

According to Renewable Energy World, shading of as little as 9% of a solar system connected to a central inverter, can lead to a system-wide decline in power output with as much as 54%.

It is not just shade from trees that can affect solar output. Bird droppings and dust as well as shade from chimneys and power lines can all affect solar output.

Additionally, solar panels have a power tolerance during the manufacturing process. For example, a 290W panel may have a +5W tolerance, meaning they will range in output from 290W to 295W.

A SolarEdge system can take advantage of this extra power, which means more solar power is generated to help you further reduce your power bill.

Solar Battery Compatible

SolarEdge systems feature full battery compatibility, which will allow you to add a solar battery such as the LG Chem when they become available. With a solar storage system, you will be able to store solar power to further reduce your power bills and increase your energy independence.

The world is changing. Join the transition to renewable energy and run your home on solar power. Solar storage allows households to:

  • Store excess solar power to use during the evening
  • Protect your household with backup power. Run your home during a power outage.


As one of the leading solar storage installers in Sydney, new and existing Solaray customers can now install solar batteries and expect the same high installation standards and support that has helped build Solaray Energy into the leading independent solar installer in NSW. SolarEdge systems with DC-coupled battery storage feature full consumption monitoring, providing insights into how much solar you are producing, how much power you are using in the home, and the battery’s charge statistics over time. The video below shows these functions in action:

Flexible Design

SolarEdge allows our solar technicians to design a panel array across multiple roof areas – across both different orientations and angles.

If you use most of your power in the afternoon, it can be beneficial to have panels facing both north and west to distribute the output of solar power across the day. This avoids having a big peak of solar power in the middle of the day, making it easier to use a larger percentage of the solar power as it is generated, hence increasing the value of your system.

SolarEdge systems are truly expandable, limited only by your roof space and the size of the installed inverter. If a panel needs to be replaced in the future, you will not need to match the new panel to your existing array. This allows you to take advantage of any technology gains over the next few years. For example, you may find that in 3 years’ time, 350W panels are the market standard.

Module Level System Monitoring

Up to 80% of Solaray customers now choose to power their system with technology featuring panel level output due to the increased system performance, safety and support. DC optimisers allow for panel level optimisation of your solar power system for increased performance and flexibility. DC optimisers can increase output by up to 25% for each panel and provide constant feedback through internet connected system monitoring.

SolarEdge systems include panel level monitoring. The SolarEdge system is connected to the internet to provide real time output data that can be accessed from anywhere. The monitoring web-based portal can be accessed from any  browser, smart-phone or tablet using the Opera Mobile or Firefox web browsers.

The Solaray technical team have access to the SolarEdge portal that allows for enhanced maintenance and yield assurance through module-level monitoring, fault detection and automatic alerts for accurate troubleshooting.


Solar power systems are safe and pose no danger to people or property when installed correctly. Solaray only use installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council and our install standards are the best in the industry. With a standard inverter, as long as the sun is up the system will be sending DC power to the inverter. With a Solar Edge system DC wires are designed to automatically de-energise providing protection to home owners and to service technicians during maintenance.

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