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The Smarter, Safer Solar Experts

Solaray Energy has installed over 75,000 microinverters in Australia. That’s about 3 times more than any other installer.

Our experience helps Solaray customers at each step of the journey, from finding the right system, to installation, commissioning and, of course, tech support if you need a hand.

A smarter, safer solar system from Solaray Energy can help you transition to an all-electric lifestyle with your home running on solar power 24 hours a day.

With Smart Solar, you can integrate battery storage, advanced energy management and even an electric car.

A Smarter, Safer Solar System From Solaray Includes:

  • Panel-level output for maximum performance in all weather conditions
  • Fire-safe technology called rapid shutdown deactivates your panels in the case of a fault
  • No dangerous high-voltage DC power running from the panels to the inverter. This eliminates the chance of an arc fault, the main cause of solar panel fires in standard systems
  • Back to base status alerts that help minimise downtime – you will be notified if something goes wrong
  • Advanced system monitoring, plus consumption monitoring so that you can keep an eye on how much power you are using in the home
  • No single point of failure. If one panel needs servicing, the rest of the system remains operational
  • Easily expandable & future proof
Enphase Performance Reliability - Shading_Soiling

Australia’s Best Solar Panels


Perhaps the best value solar panel available in Australia at the moment featuring high output and a 20-year warranty.

  • 415W Output
  • 20-yr product warranty
  • 25-yr performance warranty
Q.Peak Duo 10+


The new G10+ panel from Q CELLS is a high-performance option for those looking for a balance between quality and price.

  • 415W Output
  • 25-yr product warranty
  • 25-yr performance warranty
REC Alpha Pure Solar Panel

REC Alpha Pure

This top of the range all-black panel is considered one of the best solar panels available in Australia.

  • 21.4% module efficiency
  • 25-yr product warranty
  • 25-yr performance warranty

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Reduce your power bill with solar

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Storage

The price for a fully installed Tesla Powerwall is currently under $15,000. This includes the battery, the supporting hardware, configuration, and installation.

Solaray is currently offering one of the most comprehensive installation services in Australia, including our full customer service package and access to the Evergen platform to further increase the performance of your system (see below for more info).

Contact us today for more information and a personalised quote for Tesla Powerwall.

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We Can Help You Eliminate Your Power Bills With Solar Power & Storage

How To Eliminate Your Power Bill With Solar

The average-sized solar system we are currently installing is around 10kW, both with and without battery storage. This is resulting in many of our customers completely eliminating their power bills.

Some of the main reasons why so many people are installing larger systems include:

  • The price of solar panels is at a record-low (this also means most people are now choosing good quality panels, thankfully).
  • Many people will have an electric or hybrid car within the life of the solar system
  • Energy prices are some of the most expensive in the world, and yet they continue to increase
  • Battery storage has arrived
  • And… there are some really good feed-in tariffs available from the energy retailers at the moment
Chart of Solary power bill savings