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Enphase Installer

Enphase premium installer

Solaray are the Number One Installer of Enphase Micro Inverter Systems – the most advanced and reliable solar power solution available in Australia. Having installed more systems than any other solar installer in NSW, Solaray are the right choice to ensure an expertly configured design, professional installation and post sale support.

Find out more: Key Benefits of Enphase Micro Inverter Systems.

Installing a Solaray System using Enphase Micro Inverters allows each panel in the system to work independently from the other panels. This ensures maximum output of solar power for your household or business as we are able to design panel arrays with more flexibility, and on roofs with patchy shade.

Enphase Energy are the world’s leading Micro Inverter provider and the only brand that Solaray use for micro inverter solar systems. Enphase have produced over 5 million micro inverters, and are considered the #1 residential inverter supplier in the USA. Enphase have over 100 patents on their technology and are firmly placed as the global market leader for micro inverter solar systems.

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Experience Matters

Solaray are the Largest & Most Experienced Enphase Installer in NSW

Enphase have completely revolutionised residential solar power with panel level output and industry leading online monitoring. Enphase systems are now right across Sydney, and Solaray are proud to be the largest and most experienced Enphase installer in NSW.


Enphase systems installed by Solaray and shared for public viewing (we have many more).

Solaray Install of the Week

65kWp Commercial Solar Power System in Moss Vale NSW. Our customer was struggling to get enough supply from the grid to run the equipment in their production area so they decided to make their own.

The Best Solar System In Australia

SolarEdge LG

Solar technology has taken a giant leap forward over the last few years, with the top of the range SolarEdge systems now featuring:

– LG Solar panels that have broken through the 20% efficiency barrier

– Online panel-level monitoring

– Panel level output

– Device control – turn on appliances to run on excess solar power

– Integrated battery storage to run your home on solar power 24/7

– Next generation energy management that factors in your energy tariffs, your lifestyle, and even the weather

The best solar system in Australia features smart energy management with online consumption monitoring and battery storage. The future of renewables is here with the best solar & storage systems now offering home automation functionality, online monitoring and back to base status reports. Let’s have a look at the components of the best solar system in Australia:

===> SolarEdge Solar Power System with Smart Energy Management From Sonnen

Smart Solaray Customers Choose Sonnen For Their Solar Storage

Seriously Smart Energy Storage

The sonnenBatterie is the smartest energy storage solution available in Australia for private households and small businesses.

sonnenBatterie is easily adaptable to your individual needs. The system is available in a variety of storage capacities and configurations, allowing Solaray’s system designers to match a solution to your household’s energy usage patterns.

sonnenBatterie eco saves you money every single day by harvesting energy from your solar PV system or the grid when it is cheapest. You can then use this energy from your battery during the evening when electricity rates are more expensive.

Learn more about the sonnenBatterie with Solaray

Say Goodbye to Your Energy Retailer

Go one step further and achieve 100% independence with sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat allows customers to join the community and pay one flat monthly or yearly fee then enjoy $0 running costs for all their electricity usage!

You will no longer need to buy additional energy from the grid when your system doesn’t produce the required amount.

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