Solaray Energy Is Your Exclusive Platinum Enphase Partner

Customers of Solaray Energy that choose an Enphase system for their home or business can trust that they are dealing with the Enphase experts.

You will now be able to enjoy additional benefits thanks to our Platinum status in the Enphase Installer Network, including an extended 15-year warranty on your Enphase Microinverters.

Solaray Is The Leading Solar Power & Battery Storage Installer In Australia

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Why We Are Recognised As The Best Solar Installer In Australia:

  1. No high-pressure sales, just great advice. Our experts will provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect system for your home or business.
  2. Talk with real people on your terms. Whether you prefer a phone call, a home visit or an email, we are here to help.
  3. High-quality products. Solaray only works with the best products available to maximise output, reliability and longevity.
  4. Solar that looks as good as it performs. Scroll down to see some of our install pics – from neat cabling to perfect rows of panels, we want your solar system to look amazing
  5. Industry-leading install standards. In over 10 years we have never had to remove or replace a system because it wasn’t working.
  6. Fast & friendly customer support. Our support team is local (no call centres) and the best in the business. All Solaray installations come with full technical support and warranty service. In the unlikely event that there is a problem – we always fix it. This level of service is something almost no other solar installer offers and it is why we are awarded by the world’s leading solar companies as the best installer in Australia, year after year.
  7. All of this at the most competitive pricing available in the industry!

Almost A Perfect 5 Stars On TrustPilot!

Don’t take our word for it. Find out what Solaray customers are saying about our installation standards and customer service on TrustPilot:

It’s Never Been More Important To Choose The Right Solar Installer

The solar power industry is currently in a price war. You’d think this would be great for the consumer, but it has been a total disaster.

The solar industry is currently plagued with smooth-talking salesmen who talk-up cheap solar systems, or even worse, promote the cheaper pricing that comes from cutting corners as a great discount.

It’s very easy in the solar industry to strip $500-$1000 out of an installation. It’s even easier to sell this as a discount, especially on a system with good quality brands.

From faulty systems to leaking roofs, cost-cutting can often cost households thousands of dollars to fix…

And when we say faulty systems, we aren’t talking about a solar panel underperforming slightly. It’s a lot worse than what most people would imagine.

We are getting dozens of calls a week at the moment from people desperately looking for help to get their system fixed… or even to get them working.

The bad news for many of these households is the money it costs to fix a bad install is typically thousands of dollars – a lot more than the money they saved by going with the cheapest quote.

Eliminate Your Power Bills With Australia’s Trusted Solar Power & Storage Installer

Request a solar power quote from the leading solar power installer in Australia. Our Smart Solar Sale includes:

  • Premium solar panels for maximum performance
  • Ask about our special bonus offers
  • Free system monitoring for the life of your system
  • Technical support
  • Full-service warranties
  • Solaray’s famous hassle-free installation service – it’s why we have one of the highest customer feedback scores in the industry
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We only work with the best

Chart of Solary power bill savings

How To Eliminate Your Power Bill With Solar

The average-sized solar system we are installing in 2020 is around 10kW, both with and without battery storage. This is resulting in many of our customers completely eliminating their power bills.

Some of the main reasons why so many people are installing larger systems include:

  • The price of solar panels is at a record-low (this also means most people are now choosing good quality panels, thankfully).
  • Many people will have an electric or hybrid car within the life of the solar system
  • Energy prices are some of the most expensive in the world, and yet they continue to increase
  • Battery storage has arrived
  • And… there are some really good feed-in tariffs available from the energy retailers at the moment

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