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  1. very interesting reading. please tell me are trina panels as good as jinko panels both monocrystalline I have a quote fro 13 350w panels Jinko and a 4 klw fronius inverter, as against a quote for 16 trina 275 watt panels and a 4 klw fronius inverter. I am in Taree area nsw , and the local person isn’t pushy and his quote is for the 16 trina panels $6200 and the other quote is from powervault in Newcastle for $5766. is it best to go with the local person regards anything going not to plan. please return my email soon Margaret saunders

  2. i just received a contract from a door to door salesman last night!!!! Absolute rip off am still reeling, for 5kw system x16 lg neon 2 panels rrp $400 abb uno 5.0 inverter $4500 plus install on std roof near new house $17543…
    I called them to ak for a break down on costs and they cannot answer me!!! BEWARE.

  3. What is your estimate with everything for a 11.890 kW system with panels, microinverters, disconnect switches wires, labor etc.?

    1. Hi Jo,

      Please call the Solaray team on 1300 221 586 for a personalised quote. It will only take a few minutes to provide an accurate price for you.

      Talk soon,
      Solaray Energy

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