The 1KOMMA5° Solar Panel
Premium Performance, Lower Carbon Footprint & Ethical Production

Solar panels just got greener! Featuring German Polysilocon, the new 1KOMMA5° Solar Panel is a premium solar panel designed for Australia’s tough environment, with exceptional performance in the heat, as well as in low light.

We are bringing the lowest prices and cleanest energy possible to our customers in Sydney and Melbourne.

1KOMMA5° Solar Panel in showroom 1K5 full black module

New 1KOMMA5° Solar Panel

  • German design and quality
  • Backed by Porsche
  • German-made polysilicon
  • All-black design
  • 25-year product & 30-year performance warranty
  • 425W power rating

Why the 1KOMMA5° solar panel?

For over 14 years, Solaray has seen solar panel brands come and go in the Australian market. Far too many to count. However, even panels from many so-called reputable brands have not stood the test of time. This includes failing products to forced labor to supply chain issues. We’ve seen it all.

At the 1KOMMA5° group, we need to make sure our customers get what they pay for. In response, we developed our own panel. This allows us to take control of the manufacturing process and to strike the right balance between quality, affordability and sustainability.

The 1KOMMA5° solar panel is taking Europe by storm, and it’s a thrill for Solaray to bring this product to Australia. With the might and security of 1KOMMA5° warranting our own panel, and with installation by our own crews – you can be confident that your investment will be safe and well-supported in the years and decades to come. It’s what you deserve.

1K5 solar Panel Features 1KOMMA5°

Solar panels with the highest efficiency & durability

Our  durable solar panels  in a stylish all-black design, emit  25% lower carbon footprint  and are manufactured with German design and quality with European warranty conditions.

Our long warranty periods include a 25-year product warranty  and  a 30-year performance warranty. Not only does the production process of this panel mean a 25% lower climate footprint and less carbon dioxide emissions, the panel also maintains the highest efficiency.  Additionally, it gets 100% quality testing at Europe’s largest solar research institute for scientific and technical research in solar energy.

German Design & Quality

We take pride in our commitment to quality, which is why our module has undergone extensive audits by independent companies, ensuring the highest standards of production.

Our manufacturing facilities have TÜV-certification and comply with the SA8000 ESG standard. Additionally, our 1KOMMA5 solar panels experience rigorous tests by the renowned Fraunhofer ISE, a testament to its exceptional performance
and durability.

1KOMMA5° Solar Panel German Made

Market leading German warranty

As a European company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and reliability. With backing from Porsche Ventures, our solar panels offer not only exceptional performance but also the assurance that you are choosing a partner you can trust and rely on.

With our 25-year product and 30-year performance warranty, you can rest easy
knowing that there is no risk and no worries for the lifetime of the modules.

Unlock the power of the sun

Cutting-Edge technology

When it comes to investing in solar energy, the 1KOMMA5° solar module is designed to bring cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance to your home. With the aim of harnessing the power of the sun more efficiently than ever, our panel boasts the highest power output and efficiency in the market.

What sets us apart is our integration of the TopCon technology, leading to a 21.8% efficiency rating and optimal power generation.

1KOMMA5° solar panels have a minimal CO2 footprint

Emissions during the production of solar modules and components are one of the biggest challenges facing our industry. At 1KOMMA5°, we want to change that and bring the value chain back to Europe by investing in a clean and local supply chain.

For example, we source the critical raw material polysilicon from Germany based on  renewable electricity in the production saving substantial CO2 emissions.

In addition, we are working to establish our own production line in Europe and produce up to 5 GW of 1KOMMA5° solar panels per year by 2025.

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