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Introducing Heartbeat from Heartbeat from 1KOMMA5°, the heart of your energy-smart household

Solaray Energy is excited to introduce Heartbeat from 1KOMMA5°, a technology that transforms your rooftop solar panel system into a complete energy management system. It can even eliminate the idea of a power bill as you currently know it.

As the heart of your energy system, Heartbeat ensures perfectly interlocking components to get the most out of the electricity generated. Heartbeat is:

Independent: Heartbeat enables optimised self-consumption and thus increases your degree of self-sufficiency.

Networked: Your components network into a smart overall management system in which energy production and consumption coordinate with each other.

Intelligent: Heartbeat controls your consumption intelligently and uses your electricity in such a way that it brings you the greatest economic advantage.

Heartbeat from 1KOMMA5°

Supercharge Your Smart Solar & Storage System With Heartbeat From 1KOMMA5°

The future of energy management has arrived in Australia. How do you get on board?

Whether you are an existing Solaray customer or just starting out with solar, we can help you:

  • minimise your power bills,
  • back-up your home during a blackout
  • and maximise the benefit of your solar system with Heartbeat.

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Solaray Customers With Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

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The Heartbeat Platform integrates different elements in your home

Heartbeat will connect your solar system with battery storage, heating, cooling and even the charging of your EV. This will help you become more self-sufficient to the point where you will be able to eliminate the idea of a traditional power bill, taking back power from the energy market.

With electricity prices more expensive than ever before, Heartbeat finds ways to put your solar electricity to good use within the home. Any excess solar power can go into storage in a battery and then discharge into the grid when the price is right. By doing so, Heartbeat can give you further savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

A solar power system from Solaray Energy can help power your home 24 hours a day, as well as help to charge your EV. Solaray is now able to offer Australians a fully electrified lifestyle powered by solar.

You’ve probably heard of the idea that at some stage in the future electric vehicles will become a battery on wheels. An EV battery is typically 4 times the size of a Tesla Powerwall Home battery. This is now a reality thanks to Heartbeat. You will be able to come home from work, plug in your EV and power your home from your car! The future has arrived.

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EV Charging

Heartbeat from 1KOMMA5°

Smart Energy Management

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Taking Back Our Power

Australian households have been at the mercy of the larger energy market players for too long. As energy prices are skyrocketing, Heartbeat is now rolling out to help Aussie households take back their power.

It’s probably no surprise that German engineers created Heartbeat. 1KOMMA5° is a highly publicised startup of entrepreneurs, managers, investors, and digital experts who worked for the most successful green-tech companies in the world.

1KOMMA5° believes in the power of action, which is why Solaray is excited to now be a part of the action. Together we will put our energy, experience and money into building the largest platform in Australia. That will enable us all to live a cheaper and, above all, carbon-neutral life.

First came solar power, then solar energy battery storage. Now, the final piece of the puzzle is here. Smart energy management that can connect your power generation & storage to your main household components. This will allow you to effortlessly maximise the benefit of your solar system and reduce your carbon footprint. 1KOMMA5° has the range of technology, including solar panels, to allow this.

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