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The carbon tax needn’t cost you: easy ways to cut energy costs

If Treasury modelling is right, about half of household carbon cost will be included in energy bills, which are now about 3% of household expenditure. That means the carbon cost on energy adds about 0.3% to living costs. And the other half of the carbon cost is spread very thinly over the remaining 97% of living costs. Focusing on cutting energy use delivers the biggest outcome for effort. For electricity, Australian households pay around 25 cents per kilowatt-hour, the standard unit. The carbon cost will add 2 to 3 cents to that. If you can save 10% of your electricity
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Newsflash: solar power costs are falling below fossil fuels

Recent postings to The Conversation have enlivened the debate over the “Great Transition” that is underway all around the world from the fossil-fuelled energy systems of the 20th century to the renewably powered systems of the 21st century. The future for solar is particularly bright, according to authors including Mark Diesendorf, Andrew Blakers, James McGregor, and most recently Lynette Molyneaux. Many of the postings point to a brilliant solar or wind or geothermal future – but then fall back on an argument for subsidies to make up for the higher costs of the renewables. It can now be stated definitively
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