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How will your energy get greener? Depends where you live

In Australia’s middle and outer suburbs, rooftop solar technology provides a clear way to reduce the emissions from the energy our houses use. But higher density housing types (apartments and medium density housing) do not lend themselves to rooftop solar at the scale needed to make a difference to household energy and carbon budgets. So how will those people living in inner suburbs make the change to lower-carbon energy? We believe the urban fabric will shape the transition to low carbon futures in both transport fuel and renewable energy (see Figure 1 below). The approach we suggest makes a distinction
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What is the definition of a professional solar installation

One of the most important aspects of a solar system is the quality of the installation work – after all, you can buy the best quality solar panels and a high performance solar inverter and still have the system perform poorly if it is not installed correctly. But how do you tell whether an installation is done with the right quality? This article looks at what an average consumer can look for on the day of installation – we will post other articles about how to select the right installer in the first place and how to ensure they use
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