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Another step closer to deliveries of the Tesla Powerwall 1

Tesla has recently announced that Australia will be one of the first countries in the world to get the new Powerwall, a 7kWh home battery that is set to revolutionise the way Australian households use energy. This continues to cause a stir down under, and their high profile is doing wonders for the solar and storage industry. By ramping up production, the industry is set to see the cost of storage plummet over the coming years, to the point where storage becomes mainstream like solar power is today. What is the Tesla Powerwall Battery? The highly anticipated lithium-ion battery will
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Enphase Featured Array

A Solaray Installation has been showcased as an Enphase Featured Array. Mr Kendall turned to leading installer Solaray for its trusted reputation and its ability to build the system he had laid out in a timely fashion. The recent drop in solar prices coupled with rising electricity costs made the decision to go solar simple for Sydney homeowner Matthew Kendall. The shape of Kendall’s roof and his family’s energy needs made it easy to go solar with Enphase. A Multifaceted Microinverter When Matthew Kendall sat down to research his solar technology options, he had a clear idea of what he
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Enphase Chooses Australia to Launch the Enphase AC Battery

Australia will be the first country in the world to where Enphase will introduce the revolutionary AC battery. Solaray are set to receive a limited number of batteries from early 2016 and we are excited to lead the world in what is set to be a revolution of Australia’s Solar Industry with battery storage soon to become mainstream. When released, the AC battery will complete Enphase’s vision for the Energy Management System, an advanced solution that will allow customers to generate, store, control and manage solar energy on a single platform. Nathan Dunn, managing director for Enphase Asia-Pacific announced this
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