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Everything You Need to Know About The Enphase Solar Battery

The response to the new Enphase Power Storage System has been incredible! We knew that an interest in battery storage was going to explode this year, but we have seen an even greater demand than what we expected. In fact, Enphase has just announced that they will be doubling production in Australia. Solar and storage are a perfect pair. Storage addresses a fundamental problem of solar energy for many households: while solar production peaks during the day, energy consumption is often the highest during the morning and evening. With the Enphase Energy Management System, you can save the energy you
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Is this the end of solar power rebates?

Malcolm Turnbull has shocked Australia with his ultimatum to the senate, and in all likelihood, Australia will now be heading to the polls in July. This may have dire consequences for the solar power industry, as up until now the senate has been blocking the attempted destruction of Australia’s renewable energy industry through the scaling back of the nation’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). Residential solar rebates are a part of the RET, and it is expected that if the RET is reduced any further it would inevitably lead to smaller solar power incentives. There is even the chance that solar
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