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The Environmental Payback of Solar Panels is now less than 1 year

We often get asked how technology in the solar industry is developing, and the answer surprises a lot of people. Yes, the efficiency of solar panels continues to improve bit by bit, but the biggest and most important improvements are in cleaning up the manufacturing process and making solar panels more environmentally friendly. As an example, the amount of silicon required for a standard 60 cell panel has decreased from 16 grams/Wp to only 6 grams/Wp due to thinner wafers and new technology. But as the saying goes; “it takes money to make money”, it also costs energy to make
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Solar Power For A Terrace House

Installing solar power on a terrace house is now possible thanks to new technology that is currently being used in over 80% of Solaray Installations. Previously, installing solar power on a terrace house was either too expensive or too dangerous. A number of inverters were vandalised or stolen, and the design of the building did not allow for a high-voltage DC cable to be run from the panel array down to the meter board. With an Enphase system, a micro inverter is installed underneath each panel, which means the conversion of DC to AC power takes place up on the
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