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The New 5th Generation Enphase S Series Micro Inverter

The New Enphase 5th Gen. S-Series Micro Inverter Has Arrived With Enphase, Quality is Everything When you invest in solar, you deserve a system you can count on — today, tomorrow, and for years to come, no matter what the weather throws its way. Enphase sees quality as a core foundation of their business, so it is with great excitement that we are now installing the new and improved 5th Generation Micro Inverter, built around a focus on quality at every stage. The S230 and S270 Micro Inverters feature cutting-edge design, the industry’s most rigorous reliability testing, meticulous manufacturing, and
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It’s a World Record! Solaray Energy Install World’s Largest Enphase Battery Residential Array: 12 Enphase Batteries with an 8kW Solar System

Solaray Energy, the largest Enphase installer in NSW, has recently installed the world’s largest residential Enphase Storage system with 12 x Enphase AC Batteries together with an 8 kW Solar System powered by the new generation S230 Enphase Micro Inverters. Director of Solaray Energy, Peter Thorne, was overseeing the installation and commented on the significance of the solar revolution that has kicked off in Australia this year: “The impact of a large residential solar system coupled with Enphase battery storage is incredible. It allows households with large power bills to essentially run their house almost entirely off solar power, even
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Solar Panels Sydney – What are the best options in 2016?

Although households and businesses will have different criteria when selecting the best solar panel for their solar power system, there are a number of factors that will consistently be regarded as the most important. The two main considerations are the panel and the manufacturer: Solar Panel Output The best solar panels will output more power than their rating. An independent study by CSIRO for Choice Magazine tested one panel from 15 of the most common solar panels available in Australia. During the test, they found that 12 out of the 15 panels performed under their claimed nominal power, some by
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