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Tesla Powerwall 2 – The End of Your Power Bill as you Know it

As more and more battery storage systems are installed across Australia, we are now witnessing a revolution in the way households are able to generate, store and use power. Thanks to the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery, some Solaray customers on sunny days are now running their home on solar power 24/7, allowing them to significantly reduce their power bill. After adding a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery to a 3kW solar system from Solaray Energy, this family in Pitt Town are now running their home entirely on solar power, with an average daily energy usage of around 15 kWh. During the day,
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Solaray Recognised as Key Market Player in Battery Storage & Microinverter Market

Solaray has been recognised as a key market player in the Battery Storage and Microinverter Markets from 2015-2023 by Transparency Market Research. The next few years are set to be an exciting time in Australia as households and businesses recognise the potential of solar storage systems. Within the summary, Transparency Market Research states that “Some of the key market players include Solaray Energy Pty Ltd., Enphase Energy, Schneider Electric SE, PowerSmart Solar, Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG, SolarBridge Technologies, Vine Fresh Produce, Ltd., SMA Solar Technology AG, ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) Ltd., Enecsys Ltd., and others.” The Solaray Team are
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Solaray Install the World’s Largest Enphase Battery Installation!

Solaray Energy has completed the installation of a groundbreaking Enphase Battery Installation for the Stucco Student Housing Co-op in Newtown, Sydney. This groundbreaking Solar Storage System features a 30kW solar array powered by Enphase S-Series Micro Inverters and 36 x Enphase AC Batteries; the world’s largest Enphase Battery Installation to date. The project was partly funded by an Environmental Performance Innovation Grant from the City of Sydney in collaboration with the NSW Government’s Office of Environment and Heritage. This Solaray Solar + Storage System was installed in a multi-unit residential building operated by the student housing co-operative, Stucco, making it
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