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Why Install Solar Storage

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage The price of energy continues to rise, while the price of lithium batteries continues to fall, making backup storage an affordable option for many households in Australia. The feed-in tariff for selling excess solar power back to the grid is very low in many states of Australia. In NSW, we typically get a credit on our power bill from around 5 cents a kWh. By storing this excess solar power in batteries, we can use it during the peak billing period where prices can be over 50 cents a kWh. This is known as maximising
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The Tesla Gigafactory goes live in Nevada

Tesla have recently gone live at their Gigafactory in Nevada and are now mass producing the battery cells that are being used in the Tesla Powerwall 2. This is exciting news and it is great to see that the opening of the factory is on schedule. The Tesla Gigafactory is a part of Elon Musk’s plan to rethink how factories work and to increase efficiencies of scale that will help push down the cost of manufacturing, calling it “building the machine that makes the machine.” Musk expects that factories of the future will be able to operate 3 to 10
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Don’t Panic, But The Solar Bonus Scheme Has Ended!

If you were on the Solar Bonus Scheme, as of the 1st of January 2017 you are no longer being paid your 60 cent or 20 cent feed-in tariff. If you don’t do anything, you will send all of your solar power out to the grid and get nothing more than the current market rate for this power; typically between 5 – 8 cents a kWh. If you do not take action, this may result in significantly larger power bills, as much as $2000 or more a year depending on the size of your system. So what are your options? If
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