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Tesla Powerwall 2 Featured on Channel 7 News Sydney

Solaray Featured on Channel 7 News Sydney: Sales for backup power supply soars as Sydney prepares for summer blackouts “Sydneysiders aren’t waiting for political answers to the power crisis, many are taking matters into their own hands.” Electricity prices rose yet again in 2017, making power prices in NSW amongst the most expensive in the world. This has lead to a new wave of solar power installations as well as thousands of households across Sydney adding battery storage to their existing solar power system. As Solaray Director explained this evening on Channel 7 News Sydney, we were blown away by
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Sydney Businesses Rush to Install Commercial Solar Power as Power Prices Skyrocket

Sydney businesses are rushing to install Commercial solar systems as electricity prices continue to rise across NSW. Australia now has some of the most expensive energy tariffs in the world, and many businesses are now realising that solar power is one of the best ways to reduce their energy costs. As electricity prices continue to rise, the price to install commercial solar power has never been so affordable. Sydney businesses are often well suited to solar power due to our great weather, large empty roof space, and high daytime power usage. Thanks to significant improvements in solar technology with panel-level
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