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Solar Power Saves Every Home In NSW Serious Money

It’s the biggest myth in solar; that solar power is causing power prices to rise. However, a recent report by Energy Synapse has revealed that rooftop solar is saving everyone in NSW billions of dollars. Energy Locals asked energy market consultants Energy Synapse to examine the NSW wholesale electricity market and the impact that rooftop solar has had on energy prices. Thanks to the 370,000+ households with rooftop solar, between $2.2 and $3.3 billion was slashed from the price of power in NSW in just 12 months. The analysis found: Rooftop solar decreased the average price of wholesale electricity from $132/MWh to
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Solaray Energy Awarded The No.1 LG Solar Installer In Australia!

The awards keep coming for the Solaray Team. Last night Solaray Energy won the award for the No. 1 LG Solar Partner of the Year in 2017. This makes us the largest installer nationally of the best panels available in Australia, and a clear market leader in the premium quality end of the Solar Power Industry. Small to large residential customers, along with Small to Medium Businesses across Australia take advantage of products from Solaray Energy to maximise reliability and system performance in all weather conditions. The new LG Solar NeON R 365W panel has not only broken through the
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LG Solar Awarded The Top Brand of Solar Panel In Australia in 2018

LG Solar Panels named Top Brand for Australia in 2018 The solar division of LG Electronics, LG Solar, has been judged well by solar installers across Australia, in an independent survey conducted by the European market research company EuPD Research. Solaray Energy supply and install both the NeON 2 and NeON R panels for households and businesses in Australia, and the performance of these panels has been exceptional. For top marks in brand awareness and leadership in Australia, LG Solar has been awarded the ‘Top Brand PV Australia’ award, due to the high level of recommendations and positive reviews received from a majority of industry specialist.
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