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Solaray a foundation partner for the SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Dealer Network

Press Release: 23 November 2018 Australia’s leading independent solar power installer Solaray Energy has rounded off a successful 2018 with the announcement that they will be a foundation partner for the SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Dealer Network. Solar power is booming in Australia at the moment thanks to cost reductions and improvements in technology, and this is reflected by Solaray’s continued growth and dominance in the quality solar market. SMA is the latest manufacturer to partner with Solaray Energy, joining global brands such as LG Solar and Enphase. Jonathan Fisk, founder and director of Solaray Energy, said: “SMA is
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Quality 10kW Solar Systems In Melbourne

How much does it cost to install a 10kW solar system in your Melbourne home or business? What type of system should you be buying? And how much money can you expect to save on your power bills? Solaray has over 10 years’ experience in the solar industry, so we’ve got these questions covered, plus some extra insights to share. The Price of a 10kW Solar System In Melbourne Victoria A 10kW solar system in Melbourne is going to fit best an energy-hungry household or a business that uses at least around 35-40kWh during the daytime. It’s a large system
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Install of the Week: 30kW Solar System in Sutton Forrest

Things are starting to get really exciting for households looking to generate their own electricity. Top-quality solar panels are at record low prices & electricity prices are still on the rise. The result of this perfect storm is we get the pleasure of installing systems like this 30kW beauty in Sutton Forrest featuring LG Solar panels and the latest technology from SolarEdge including panel-level optimisation & full online monitoring, free for the life of the system. Request A Solaray Quote Today
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