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What is China’s Best Solar Panel For Australian Conditions?

Trina Solar is now the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world. Through 2018, Trina Solar has delivered more than 40 GW of solar modules worldwide. Trina Honey Module has previously been voted as the best panel for the Australian Solar Market*. Solaray is one of the largest installers of Trina Honey panels in Australia, and the Trina Honey module is consistently one of our top sellers as households recognise Trina Solar’s quality, reliability and value for money. If you are interested in installing one of the best value panels available in Australia, give our solar team a call and
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10 Key Benefits of a Smart Solar Power System

The 10 Key Benefits of a Smart Solar Power System Enphase Micro-Inverters are the next big breakthrough for residential solar systems. Micro-Inverter technology allows each panel in a solar system to work independently from the other panels, ensuring maximum output of clean renewable energy for your household or business. Micro Inverters help avoid common roadblocks that stop a solar installation on many houses such as patchy shade and small roof areas. Solaray is the largest & most experienced installer of Enphase Micro Inverters in Australia. Our competitive pricing is supported by the most experienced Enphase Technical Team in the industry, to
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