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How Long Do Solar Inverters Last: The Reliability of Enphase Micro inverters

How Long Do Solar Inverters Last? The Reliability of Enphase Micro Inverters Enphase microinverters have completely revolutionised the solar industry in Australia. The key benefits of an Enphase System include back to base monitoring and panel level control, Enphase systems output more power, are battery ready and Solaray is now able to offer 24/7 support to our customers. But one of the biggest advantages of Enphase systems isn’t often talked about, and that is the reliability and longevity of Enphase Micro Inverters compared to a standard inverter. How Long Do Solar Inverters Last Previously, it was expected that system owners
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Solar Inverters – What You Need To Know

Types of Solar Systems What is a solar inverter? A solar inverter converts D.C. power from the panels to 240V A.C. power that is used in the home. It is the working part of the system and it is imperative that you buy a good quality product. The inverter also monitors the performance of the solar system, and this is displayed either on a little LCD screen or wirelessly to your computer. The Next Generation of Solar Technology is here Around 80% of Solaray customers are now choosing either Enphase microinverters or SolarEdge DC optimisers.  This new generation of technology
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Want to get an off grid solar system? Here’s why you shouldn’t

Off-Grid Solar Systems – What You Need To Know Off-grid solar to most people means disconnecting from the mains power supply completely. Since Enphase and Tesla have released successful residential battery systems, most of the people we talk to are now enquiring about how storage will work with an existing solar system and how will they be able to get off the grid in the not so distant future.  However, there are some important issues that crop up in purchasing and running an off-grid solar system that these people typically aren’t aware of. So without further ado, here are some
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