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The Low-Down On Labor’s ‘Proposed’ Battery Subsidy

If they are elected, Federal Labor has proposed a policy which will provide a $2,000 battery rebate that will be available to a maximum of around 1% of Australian households. The idea of a rebate for households to install batteries is obviously a great initiative. That said, a lot of people ask us if they should wait for it before they make a battery purchase. We believe there are at least 6 factors to consider: 1. Labor isn’t in power yet. Labor has to actually get elected in order to start the ball rolling on their proposed legislation. They may
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Install of the Week: 10kW Solar Power System in Oatlands

10kW System Details A system of this size in Sydney will generate around 40kWh a day on average. That can make a serious dent in a household’s power bills! More information on pricing, output and ROI: A 10kW Solar System in Sydney A 10kW Solar System in Melbourne Panels: LG NeON 2 The latest NeON 2 340W panel is packed with the latest technology that gives households improvements that really matter, from a 25-year product warranty and higher efficiency to stronger framing and increased wind loading. The best news of all is the price – NeON 2 340W panels are extremely
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Choose The LG Experts To Install Your Quality Solar System

Solaray Energy Win The LG Solar Dealer Of The Year Award (Again) Choose The LG Experts To Install Your Quality Solar System Solaray Energy has once again won the award for the ‘No. 1 LG Solar Partner of the Year’. This makes us the largest installer nationally two years running for the best solar panels available in Australia and a clear market leader at the premium end of the Solar Power Industry. A big congratulations to everyone involved in sales and in delivery, and of course to our fantastic customers who recognise the quality of LG Solar panels featuring a
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