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No Electricity Bills – Can You Eliminate Your Power Bill With Solar Power?

The Solaray Team want you to get the best value out of your solar system, which typically means a fast return on your money. A well-sized solar system can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years with a 5kW system potentially saving you up to $50,000 on your power bills over the life of the system. However, many Solaray customers are more interested in minimising or even eliminating their electricity bills with solar power! For example, people who are entering retirement will use spare cash or money from their superannuation to set themselves up for the next 25
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Can I Add Solar Panels To An Existing Solar System?

Thanks to technology from Enphase, we can now get around the previous limitations that made it so difficult to add panels to an existing system. You can now easily expand your existing system and add solar panels to a total array that is right for your energy needs. From a technical standpoint, we cannot add panels to an existing solar installation that is older than a year or two. This is because the Australian standards have been raised, so if we were to touch your existing system we would have to replace all of the cables. We would also have
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