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2020 – A Critical Year For Solar

2020 is a critical year to make a difference with solar if you have considered either reducing your bills or helping to limit carbon emissions. The 2020 bushfires are alarmingly said to have caused 350 million tonnes of carbon emissions, most of Australia’s average yearly carbon dioxide emissions, all in one month.
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4 Reasons why you shouldn’t install a 2kW Solar System in Sydney

The price of a quality solar power system in Sydney is now so low, we are now able to design a solar system that can pay for itself in around 3 years… except on the smaller systems. So you think a 2kW system is all you need for your power consumption? What if we were able to install a 3kW system for only a few hundred dollars more? This is now the reality for a 2kW system in Sydney. We can offer you 150% additional output, and in most cases, this will only cost about $300-400 more. Why you shouldn’t
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