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4 Years In A Row! Solaray Energy Wins LG Solar’s Top Award as Australia’s Installer of the Year For 2019

Solaray Energy has again been awarded LG Solar’s top award as Australia’s LG Solar Installer of the Year 2019. Along with the prestigious title of being Australia’s #1 LG Solar Installer, Solaray Energy also won the LG Solar Installer of the Year 2019 for NSW. This makes Solaray Energy the largest installer nationally of the best panels available in Australia, and a clear market leader in the premium quality end of the Solar Power Industry. Solaray customers choose LG Solar Panels to maximise reliability and system performance in all weather conditions. The new LG Solar NeON 2 360W panel has
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Can I Get A Quality 10kW Solar System In Sydney From Under $10,000?

Sydney’s Best Prices, Full Customer Support & Free Online Monitoring A 10kW Solar system in Sydney is becoming a popular system size for larger households and businesses as solar power prices continue to fall and significant government rebates remain in place. The price of a top-quality 10kW system with a European made inverter has fallen dramatically in recent years to well under $10,000 fully installed. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when installing a 10kW solar system, and installation costs can vary considerably. A large house, shed or barn roof will have very few if
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