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Do I Need Permission To Install Solar Power?

A common question we get asked by customers is: do I need permission to install solar power? Council Permission to Install Solar Power Every council is different and we must emphasise that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to comply with council regulations. The following is general advice only, based on our experience of installing thousands of solar systems across NSW. Firstly, if your solar system is installed on a roof that does not face the street, you will not need permission from the council. We have never had an installation stopped by the council for an installation facing away from
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The STC Price Is Currently $36 Making It A Great Time To Install Solar

Can The STC Price Offset Rising Power Bills? The current STC price of $36 is helping Australian households install solar power to offset rising power bills. Electricity prices in Australia have been on the rise for the last few years. It is estimated that the electricity cost hikes have added $500 to the annual cost of power for the average Australian household over the last three years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be a political solution, at least not in the short term. The national average for electricity consumption in Australia is 6570 kWh per year or 18
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It Is Now The Best Time Of Year To Install Solar Power

Spring is in the air. The start of Spring is the best time to organise a solar power installation – you can sneak in before the big summer rush and be up and running in time to make the most of Sydney’s long days and sunny weather. Over the last few years, most solar installers in Sydney have had lead times of many months over summer. Considering a 5kW solar system can save you up to $500 every quarter, missing out on a quick installation before summer can effectively add hundreds of dollars to the price of your system. The
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