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CEC Approved Solar Retailer and CEC Accredited Solar Installers: What Does It All Mean?

CEC Approved Solar Retailer and CEC Accredited Solar Installers The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is Australia’s national trade associate group (non-profit) that helps regulate the solar power industry. In the early days of the solar industry in Australia, there was a number of cowboys that gave the industry a bad name, and the market was awash with products that were not up to the standard expected by consumers. The CEC has played a leading role in setting a high standard for the industry, and we are seeing the benefit of that now with fewer manufacturers registered with the CEC, and
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How Long Do Solar Panels Last – The Importance of Choosing Solar Panels

Solar power has become so affordable that a top-quality solar power system can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on your power bills over the life of the system. With fantastic government rebates available and reduced prices on new high-efficiency panels, now is a great time to be installing a solar power system. But not all solar panels are the same, so it is important to understand the dangers associated with cheap solar systems. In fact, there are very few reliable brands that produce top quality solar panels for Australian
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