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Is Solar Power Bad For The Environment?

We’ll be the first to tell you about how fantastic solar power is for the environment. But are there any circumstances where solar panels and battery storage can be bad for the environment? And how do you avoid the pitfall of buying a bad solar system for the environment? There are huge benefits to the environment of buying solar. You create your own electricity from a renewable energy source – sunlight. Your panels and inverters will convert the sun’s energy to be used in the home. On top of that, any excess energy you generate is fed back into the
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Solar Power Saves Every Home In NSW Serious Money

It’s the biggest myth in energy politics; that solar power is causing power prices to rise. However, a recent report by Energy Synapse has revealed that rooftop solar is saving everyone in NSW billions of dollars. Energy Locals asked energy market consultants Energy Synapse to examine the NSW wholesale electricity market and the impact that rooftop solar has had on energy prices. Thanks to the 370,000+ households with rooftop solar, between $2.2 and $3.3 billion was slashed from the price of power in NSW in just 12 months. The analysis found: Rooftop solar decreased the average price of wholesale electricity from $132/MWh
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VB launches Solar Exchange Using Blockchain Technology from Power Ledger

Power Ledger is an energy platform that allows buyers and sellers to trade energy directly with one another. It is an Australian based company that is built on blockchain technology and was created in response to a global energy technology revolution. It allows peer-to-peer trading in energy in order for consumers to monetise the excess energy produced by their home energy systems. This is revolutionary because it means consumers have access to cheaper energy by buying it directly from their neighbours instead of traditionally going through a power company. So how can solar system owners benefit from Power Ledger? In
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