Reduce Your Power Bills With A 2kW Solar Power System

As power prices continue to rise, households across NSW are installing solar power systems to cover as much of their power consumption as possible with solar. Let’s have a look at a few of the key numbers of a 2kW solar power system including the price, to see if a 2kW solar system will be a good fit for your household.

2kW Solar SystemA 2kW solar system in Sydney is a great sized solar system for a small sized home with a limited roof space.

A 2kW system typically has a 6-7 panel array and can save you up to around $200 a quarterly power bill if all of the solar power is used in the home. As solar prices continue to fall, it is now possible to get a return on your money in 3 to 5 years using top quality brands.

According to the Clean Energy Council Guidelines, A 2kW solar system in Sydney will output around 8 kWh a day (averaged out across the year), outputting more on the long summer days, and less in winter. It is important to understand that this 8 kWh of solar power will be produced during daylight hours, and typically as a bell curve as illustrated below. Depending on how much power you use during the day, typically you would want to have a quarterly power bill of around $300 to $500 (approx. 16 kWh a day excluding any off-peak hot water) to make good use of a 2kW system.

A solar system will peak when the sun is shining directly onto the panels, so for an array facing north, this will be for approximately 4 hours during the middle of the day. You can see in the graph how shade from clouds immediately results in a drop off of solar power, and that in summer the system will continue operating until nearly 8 pm if you have the panels installed to catch the late afternoon sun.

In Sydney during summer, panels that are installed flat will be working at their peak efficiency because the sun is so high in the sky. For this system installed at 20 degrees, the peak output will take place in spring and autumn.

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Types of 2kW Solar Systems

As technology improves we are now seeing high-efficiency panels drop in price, such as the LG Solar 340W panel, while the Trina Honey Range now have a 275W panel as standard. This means that for a 2kW Solar Installation in Sydney, Solaray designers are putting together 6-7 panel arrays, either in series with a string inverter or as a smart solar system with panel-level output.

2kW Smart Solar System

2kW Enphase System in Allambie Heights

Solaray is the number one installer in NSW of smart solar systems with panel-level output. Our system design team are experts at putting together a professional solar array that will maximise solar output in all conditions.

The main benefit of a smart solar system is that each panel is independent of the others, making it possible to design arrays in different orientations and at different angles, or when you have patchy shade on your roof.

Panel-level output also significantly increases output when you have patchy shade across the panel array at various times across the day. According to Renewable Energy World, shading of as little as 9% of a solar system connected to a central inverter, can lead to a system-wide decline in output of as much as 54%.

A common panel layout is to have some panels facing north, and the others west – to spread the output of solar power across the day, making it easier to use more of the solar power as it is generated. Having panels west is also advantageous if you are on time of use billing, where you typically pay around 50c per kWh between 2 pm and 8 pm for your power.

Standard 2kW System

2kW Solar System in MosmanIf your roof is unobstructed by shade, is orientated north of either east or west and can fit 6 or 7 panels in one area of the roof, a string inverter system will be the best value option for your home. It is important to make sure the roof is clear of shade as if even just one panel is slightly shaded the whole array will drop down to the output of the worst performing panel.

There are some technical issues with a standard solar system that only apply to systems under 3kW. Because the main European inverter manufacturers all typically start at a 3kW inverter, we would prefer to see a minimum of 8 panels in a string as this creates enough voltage to run the inverter properly. If you give the Solaray Team a call, we can match you up with a good quality 3kW string inverter and try to convince you to buy an extra two panels (we will give you a good price, I promise), so that you have a highly efficient system that works really well in all light conditions.

The main European 3kW Inverter is the Fronius, which qualifies for the Fronius 5+5 year warranty. You simply need to register your system with Fronius to qualify for the extra 5 years.

2kW Solar System – The Key Numbers

2kW SystemStandard SystemSmart Solar System
Panels7 x Standard Panels6 x High-Efficiency Panels
OutputAn average of around 8kWh a dayAn average of around 8kWh a day
Potential Savings$150 – $200 a bill depending on your cost of power$150 – $200 a bill depending on your cost of power
Price Guide with LG NeON 2 350W PanelsFrom around $4500-$5000From around $4700-$5200
Upgrade to the new 370W LG NeON R panelsAdd around $1300Add around $1300
Online MonitoringYesYes
Full-Service WarrantiesYesYes
12 Months Technical SupportYesYes
Panel Level OutputNoYes
Back To Base Status AlertsNoYes
Increased System SafetyNoYes
Remote Technical SupportNoYes

The Benefit of a 2kW Solar System

2kW Solar SystemA 2kW solar system in Sydney facing north with no shade will output around 2850 kWh a year. That works out to be around 7.8 kWh a day as an average. This is a guideline published by the Clean Energy Council. Based on our own output figures taken from thousands of systems across Sydney, our opinion is that this figure is a conservative guideline.

If you are on time of use billing and you pay an average of 30c a kWh for your power, a 2kW system will save you up to $850 a year off your power bills. This can be even higher if you have your panels facing west of north. If you pay a flat rate for your power, for example, 26c a kWh, a 2kW system will save you up to around$750.

Solar output varies across the year, with a 2kW solar system outputting around 10kWh a day over summer, and on average around 5kWh a day in winter. These figures will also vary depending on the weather:

If you don’t use the solar power as it is generated, any excess solar power will automatically go out to the grid and you will often be paid a feed-in tariff for this power by your energy retailer. Typically, this FIT is around 8c to 10c a kWh and it will come off your power bill as a credit. Solaray has partnered with Energy Locals to offer Solaray customers a feed-in tariff of close to 10 cents per kWh. Please talk with your Solaray representative for more information.

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