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  1. we currently have a 1.5 kw solar system in place
    due to a new colorbond carport recently build to the side of our house we now have the capacity to have additional panels installed and increase the power output to approx 5kw
    we would prefer to integrate our current system with the new system we believe this to be possible mobile no is 041…

  2. Its me again an old customer. I am looking to put on a 5Kw solar system, In addition to the current 2Kw enphase (with a small battery) system you installed previously. Correct me if I am wrong, my understanding is
    1. No warranty will be voided because Solaray installed both
    2. The 2 Kw panels face West. There is not much space left
    there. Thus the new system’s panel have to be east facing
    without significant loss of power generation at least in the
    earlier hours of the day.
    3. Finally a small complaint. The Enphase system stopped
    reporting back power generation/ consumption data to
    base (more than a year ago) since the system was changed
    to wireless (from wired) by yourselves, when you attached
    the small battery to the system. You did your best to help t
    then. But no dice. So can that be fixed if and when we go
    ahead with a new system

  3. Hello,
    Does your pricing examples include the government rebate?

    1. Hi Brian,
      Yes, the prices include the government rebate.

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