6kW & 6.6kW Solar System Prices Exposed – Must Read


Don’t Get Burnt By A Cheap 6kW Solar System

Trying to work out how much to pay for a 6kW solar system in 2019 isn’t easy – the solar market is awash with super-cheap 6kW and 6.6kW solar deals at the moment.

Unfortunately, many thousands of Sydney households are now finding themselves in a lot of trouble with these dodgy systems, and we want you to know why before you become the next victim.

Most of the 6kW solar systems you see advertised online are far too cheap – they use no-name panels, and we hear stories every week of people being left high and dry by installers who go belly-up, or simply won’t return phone calls.

Here are some typical ads you will see in your search results for 6kW solar systems:

And what about this one! The bottom of the solar market just keeps getting cheaper:

If you are new to solar power, your very first online search could have you believing a good quality 6kW solar system costs between $2699 and $3500. The ads above include words like ‘premium’ and ‘tier 1’.

It all sounds great… except it’s not. $4000 is far too cheap for a good quality 6kW solar system, and by considering this price range you are descending into the murky waters of the cheap end of the solar market.


1 in 4 solar systems are deemed defective by the industry regulator.

Choose A Good Quality Solar System For Your Home

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