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  1. I just want to know how to convert a 100kw output to kwh.
    My home uses around 1200KWh a month
    What KW would I need to produce to break even?
    Or what KW would I need to over produce?
    Nothing so far on google has hinted in that answer!

    1. Hi Lee,
      It depends on where you live. In Sydney, a solar system will output around 4 times its size as a daily average, doing more in summer and less in winter. So if your home uses around 40kWh a day, you first need to get a rough idea of how much power you use (or could use) during the day. A 5kW system, for example, will produce around 20kWh a day as an average but do more than 30kWh a day on sunny days in summer. If you are considering batteries, then a 10kW solar system would roughly be a good fit. Give our team a call on 1300 221 586 and we can go through your options in around 10 mins or so.
      More info is also available here:

  2. We use 1300kwh/qtr (about 14kwh/day) on a controlled load electric hot water system. If I get panels can the power be used to top up the hot water during the day, or would I need to move the heater to a normal circuit and risk paying on cloudy days?

    1. Hi Scott,
      We generally recommend you leave the hot water on off-peak because the tariff is so much lower. The cost of off-peak electricity is often around the same as what you get paid for the excess solar power you send back to the grid. Feed-in tariffs are currently around 8-16 cents per kWh depending on your retailer and the plan you sign up for, so it can vary from house to house but it normally doesn’t make sense to touch the off-peak hot water.
      If you call the office on 1300 221 586, we’d be happy to talk it through, it would help if you had a power bill on hand so we can work with some real numbers.

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