Australia Leads The World In Rooftop Solar

Australia once again is leading the world in the deployment of rooftop solar, with an impressive 4.6GW of solar installed in 2015. Check out this cool video about just how far the solar industry has come since 2007. It’s something Australians should be very proud of.

With a population of around 24 million, we now have an impressive 1.5 million solar systems installed across Australia, which means around 18% of us now live in solar-powered homes. From data released by the Clean Energy Regulator, Australian installed around 120,000 solar systems in 2015. Not bad! But the best is yet to come.

In 2016 we will see the release of solar storage and energy management, with the highly anticipated Enphase AC battery and the Tesla Powerwall both hitting the market early in the year.

Solar storage is expected to create the next big wave in the solar industry, as households that don’t use much power during the day will now be able to store solar power to be used in the evening. For many homes, a hybrid solar system will mean expensive power bills will become a thing of the past.

2016 will also see the introduction of home automation and advanced energy management. We will soon be able to send excess solar power to wherever you want it, for example into underfloor heating, or to automatically turn on the air conditioner. This is really exciting technology and we are witnessing a revolution of how we will use electricity in our homes. For more info check out the Envoy-S from Enphase.

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