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  1. Thank you it all makes interesting reading. If I can only afford the panels and micro inverters now but want it battery ready for later, how do I save. I can only use solar power in daylight but electricity off the grid at night. Is this correct?

    1. Hi Alan, yes that’s right. Solar power is fed into the home to use as it is generated.Any excess solar power goes out to the grid. In the evening, if you don’t have battery storage you automatically buy power from the grid as you are doing now.

  2. Hi I have an Enphase 5kW system with 16 x 310W panels. Since a micro inverter on a Enphase battery can only supply 260VA @0.7PF or 182Watts, to supply a 2400W kettle I would need to have 13 Enphase Batteries charged and ready (to not need to draw power from the grid), which does not seem practical. Can we efficiently put a large battery & large single inverter (to get enough output current) onto the Enphase AC coupled system and still control the charging Vs usage of the surplus solar power.

    1. Hi Craig, it would be best to give us a call about your requirements. It looks like a larger battery will be a better fit such as the sonnenBatterie. More info is available here: sonnenBatterie

  3. Hi
    Do the prices quoted in the Table above include all components or only the panels?

    1. Hi Francis, the prices are fully installed including all of the components, and take the government incentive into account.

  4. I generate less than 5 KW PER DAY. What sort of battery should I be looking for?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi John, the Enphase battery is well suited to smaller households. 2 x Enphase batteries can store up to around 4.8kWh a day. More information is available here:

  5. Great and extensive article and review on solar panels. Thanks for sharing.

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