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Solar Power For Your Business

With electricity prices continuing to skyrocket, installing solar power is now considered a standard and effective way of reducing your operating costs.

Solaray’s commercial team have both the experience and the resources to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation, with fixed price quoting and personal support post-installation.

The extensive benefits of commercial solar include:

  • Attractive investment returns
  • Immediate cost reductions
  • Reduce the business risk of rising power prices
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Make a great visual statement to staff and stakeholders
  • Cashflow positive options are available

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Commercial Solar Power Quote

Most small businesses have a high daytime energy usage but don’t use enough power to be able to negotiate discounted rates with energy retails. This makes solar power a great option to reduce reliance on mains power.

Small to medium businesses that have high daytime power usage and high contracted energy rates are well suited to solar power.

The main considerations are:

  • Available roof space- how many panels can you fit on your roof.
  • Do you own the roof? If not, is your lease long enough to make a profit?

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Example of a Solar System For Small Business

A 20kW solar system has now become a standard-sized solar system for small to medium-sized businesses looking to reduce their operating costs by powering their daytime electricity consumption from solar power.

Uptake of commercial solar installations in Australia has grown rapidly over the last two years thanks to a significant government rebate of approximately $10,000 on a 20kW system, and because the cost of solar power is now cheaper than buying power from the grid for the majority of Australian businesses.

Energy Usage

80kWh a day during the daytime

Estimated Annual Production


Installation Costs

The price of a fully installed 20kW system has fallen dramatically in recent years. The wholesale price of photovoltaic panels continues to be driven down by market conditions, in particular by the growth of solar in developing markets such as India and China.

A 20kW solar system is now less than a 1/4 of the price it was in 2008. This significant drop in initial outlay allows many businesses to see a return on their investment in under 5 years, making it an attractive option even if you are leasing your premises.

More information on a 20kW solar system is available here: 20kW Commercial Solar Power System

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