Price of a 30kW Solar System

Commercial Solar Power FAQs

Solaray is now one of the leading commercial solar installers in NSW, with an impressive portfolio of solar and storage systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

With electricity prices continuing to skyrocket, installing solar power is now considered a standard and effective way of reducing your operating costs. Solaray’s commercial team have both the experience and the resources to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation, with fixed price quoting and personal support post-installation.

Can businesses depreciate solar systems?
How does Solar Power help the Environment?
How much does a commercial solar system cost?
How will commercial solar power benefit my business?
What is the process for proceeding with a commercial solar system?
What is the R.O.I. for commercial solar systems?
What is the warranty on a Solaray Energy installation?
What maintenance does a solar system need?
What roof space do I need for a solar system?
What site is suitable for a ground mounted solar system?
What type of building is suitable for a commercial solar system?
Will I have a power bill after I go solar?
Will I need to apply to council to install a solar system?

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