Commercial Solar Power and Battery Storage in Sydney

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11kW Solar System

Solaray Are The Solar & Storage Experts

Solaray is now one of the leading commercial solar installers in NSW, with an impressive portfolio of solar and storage systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

With electricity prices continuing to skyrocket, installing solar power is now considered a standard and effective way of reducing your operating costs. Solaray’s commercial team have both the experience and the resources to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation, with fixed price quoting and personal support post-installation.

Award-Winning Commercial Solar Power & Battery Storage

The Solaray Team was recently awarded the best solar & storage installation under 30kW in Australia at the 2017 Clean Energy Council Solar Installer Awards.

Next Generation Commercial Solar Technology

Solaray’s commercial solar and storage solutions now feature next-generation technology that maximises performance and minimises downtime. Solaray systems can now feature:

  • Panel-level output that can typically increase system output by 2% to 25%.
  • Longer strings with less cabling and up to 50% reduction in BoS cost
  • Greater flexibility – panels can be installed in multiple orientations, angles, and even in patchy shade
  • Panel level monitoring and remote firmware updates leading to greater system uptime and lower maintenance costs
  • Real-time insights into system performance and automated status alerts

Commercial Solar Makes Financial Sense

You can be generating electricity at a lower cost than purchasing it from your retailer.

Solaray Energy works with Australian businesses to harness the power of the sun. We can size up a solar system to supply your daytime energy load so that your return on investment can be as short as 3 to 5 years. If you use electricity at night, we can also add cost-effective battery storage solutions to increase energy independence and security.

Solar systems have a serviceable lifespan of decades, meaning your medium-term operational costs can be reduced.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions can also be cash flow positive from day 1 with $0 upfront. Solar leasing arrangements feature:

  • Immediate savings on your electricity bills
  • Payments may be fully deductible
  • $0 Deposit
  • The savings on your power bill can be greater than your repayments, making your solution cashflow positive from day 1

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50kW Solar Power System
Three Weeds Hotel Solar System
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20KW Solar System Solaray Energy
30kW Solar System in Sydney
Commercial Solar System

Solaray are the Solar & Storage Experts

How Much is a Commercial Solar System in Sydney?

A commercial solar system is now almost 1/4 of the price it was in 2008. This significant drop in initial outlay allows many businesses to see a return on their investment in under 5 years, making it an attractive option even if you are leasing your premises.

Three Weeds Hotel Solar System20kW Commercial Solar System

As a rough guide, the price of a fully installed 20kW commercial solar system starts at a little under $20,000 and can save you up to around $8,000 a year on your power bills depending on the price you pay for your electricity and how much solar power you are able to use at the time it is generated.

A 20kW solar system has now become a standard-sized solar system for small to medium-sized businesses looking to reduce their operating costs by powering their daytime electricity consumption from solar power.

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30kW Solar System in Sydney30kW Commercial Solar System

The price of a fully installed 30kW commercial solar system starts at around $30,000 and can be up to $50,000 depending on the brands you choose and the installation costs. A 30kW system can save you up to around $12,000 a year on your power bills depending on the price you pay for your electricity and how much solar power you are able to use at the time it is generated.

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Commercial Solar Power Prices

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when installing a commercial solar system, hence installation costs can vary considerably, for example, a shed or barn roof will have very few if any additional installation costs, whereas an apartment building or a ground mounted array may have additional costs such as long cable runs, crane hire, and site preparation such as clearing trees and laying foundations.

Solaray takes care of the entire project including grid connect application, council approval, notifying your retailer, and arranging an engineering certification if required. Not all solar installers offer this level of service, however, it is a critical part of the process that ensures a safe and trouble-free installation.

Please contact the Solaray Commercial Team for more information. We can provide a full quotation with independent analyses and reports that are accepted and trusted by banks. We can also provide figures for commercial leasing arrangements with $0 money down, and immediate savings from your power bill. A commercial solar power system will often be cash flow positive from day one.