Solar Power for Apartment Building

It is becoming increasingly cost-effective for apartment blocks, office towers and strata managed buildings to use a common roof area for multiple solar power systems.

Apartment buildings often have large common roof areas that are well suited to solar power. Although there are more issues involved in designing a custom solar solution for a common roof area, we have designed a workflow that makes your application as painless as possible. Here are our easy steps:

Step 1– Contact us for a phone consultation so that we can understand the requirements of the job.

Step 2–  Solaray Energy will put together a basic proposal that you can take to an owner’s meeting or your strata management company. One of our representatives can attend this meeting if you deem it appropriate. You will need to check if the by-law regarding solar on a common roof area needs changing. If so, there are often fees involved in doing this.

Step 3–  Once you have permission to use the roof for solar power, Solaray Energy will conduct an obligation free site inspection to assess the building. We will inspect the roof, locate where we can install the inverters and make sure that cable runs are possible from the roof to the power room and to each unit’s power meter.

Step 4– Once we understand the fixed costs for installation, we will put together a quote per system for installation.

Step 5–  Solaray Energy will then book the installation date with strata management.

Step 6–  Solaray Energy will install the solar systems, connect the solar system to the grid, finalise any applicable rebates and organise the paperwork with the power distributor.

Step 7–  Enjoy using your clean, green solar power and lower energy bills.

For more information please contact Solaray Energy today.

Price of a 30kW Solar System