Enphase Batteries Have Arrived in Australia

Enphase AC batteries have arrived in Australia & installs have now begun

The highly anticipated Enphase Battery has arrived in Australia and installs have now begun for Solaray customers, who will be amongst the first in the world to install this revolutionary power storage system.

This is an exciting time for Solaray Energy’s customers as Enphase, one of the leading energy technology providers globally begins rolling out a product that will help solar households further reduce their power bills and energy independence.

Use More of Your Solar Power in the Home

enphase-ac-battery-on-the-wallLike so many Australians, Peter struggles to use all of his solar power in the home as it is generated during the day. Peter’s 5kW solar system, which also happens to be Enphase-powered, generates most of its power when the family is at work, and so excess solar power is currently being fed out to the grid.

This has all changed thanks to the Enphase Storage System. Excess solar power is now automatically directed to charge Peter’s four Enphase AC Batteries, which can then be used later in the evening to power the home including appliances, lights, computers and the TV.

What’s even more exciting is that the Enphase AC Battery can be cycled twice a day, which means Peter will be able to buy power from the grid overnight when his energy retailer charges lower off-peak tariffs, which can then use in the morning when the price of power is much higher. This is a key feature that many households with time-of-use billing will benefit from, and it effectively doubles a battery’s daily capacity.

Peter said, “After installing the Enphase Storage System, to see my home now running almost entirely on solar power is a great feeling. I now see the power grid as nothing more than a backup, and that’s where I think we need to get to as a nation over the coming years.”

Peter sees battery storage as the future for solar power system owners. “Because my partner and I are both at work during the day, battery storage allows us to catch any excess power we would otherwise be reluctantly giving away to our energy retailer at 5 cents a kWh. We would much rather see this power stored in batteries so that we can further reduce our power bills by using it when we come home from work,” he said. “For me, battery storage is the future. I’m proud to be growing the renewable energy industry and doing my bit to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels – in particular coal and coal-seam gas.”

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