Enphase Chooses Australia to Launch the Enphase AC Battery

Australia will be the first country in the world to where Enphase will introduce the revolutionary AC battery. Solaray are set to receive a limited number of batteries from early 2016 and we are excited to lead the world in what is set to be a revolution of Australia’s Solar Industry with battery storage soon to become mainstream.

When released, the AC battery will complete Enphase’s vision for the Energy Management System, an advanced solution that will allow customers to generate, store, control and manage solar energy on a single platform.

Nathan Dunn, managing director for Enphase Asia-Pacific announced this exciting news at the Disruption & The Energy Industry Conference.

Mr Dunn said, “Australia has always been a strategic market for Enphase. In the last two years since we’ve established a direct presence here, we’ve continued to see strong growth and demand for our microinverter systems. Enphase sees tremendous potential for the AC Battery in Australia and we are delighted to be the first country in the world to be introducing the Enphase AC Battery commercially.”

For Solaray, an Enphase Micro Inverter System is the starting point for a new enquiry into solar power. Jonathan Fisk, director of Solaray spoke with Enphase recently, “We love the Enphase system, it really is the best technology on the market. It’s better designed, it’s better engineered, the software is light years ahead of anyone else… our starting point is why wouldn’t you buy an Enphase system.” Solaray feature at 1m30s.

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