Enphase Enlighten Solar System Monitoring

Understand Your Power Bills With Smart Solar System Monitoring & Consumption Monitoring

How Does Enphase Enlighten Work?

Enphase Enlighten connects system owners to their solar system through an online interface that is regarded as one of the best in the solar industry. The platform displays energy production, system status and environmental benefits.


Features of the Enphase MyEnlighten App

Check your solar system’s performance

With at-a-glance views of energy production and performance, system owners can see their system is performing as expected.

Connect on your smartphone or computer

Access your MyEnlighten app through any internet browser on any device that can connect to the internet.

Compare against previous weeks

Easily compare current performance against a previous day, week or month. The MyEnlighten ‘Production’ tab illustrates daily system output and has a number of graphics that show you how much power you have generated each day. In this example, on the 25th of December the system generated 21.3 kWh, enough power to run an average family home all day… or a mobile phone for 8 months:

Detect issues and trends

View historical weather data to understand variations in performance. The system status indicator tells you when the system is not performing as expected and what can be done to restore performance.

As your installer, our technical team also receive automated status alerts so we will immediately know if something is wrong with your system. Enphase will often be able to reset the firmware in a faulty microinverter to fix the issue, which has totally revolutionised the way we are able to support our customers. In the extremely rare event of a warranty claim, Solaray includes full-service warranty cover for our customers, ensuring you are not out of pocket. This is something that very few installers offer and one of the many reasons why Solaray has now grown to be the largest and most experienced installer of Enphase Solar Systems in Australia.

Enphase Enlighten Reviews

Here are some thoughts from Enphase users:

“Enphase’s MyEnlighten product (no extra charge) makes it easy to keep track of production. Came in useful when I forgot to reconnect the Envoy to my new WiFi network.”

Solaray Client – Peter, NSW

“The Enphase “MyEnlighten” view is excellent to monitor both usage and generation.”

Solaray Client – Douglas, NSW

“We went with Enphase M215 micro inverters and haven’t had any problems or service disruption at all. The related monitoring software indicates that all micro-inverters are performing optimally after 12 months.”

Solaray Client – Mark, NSW

“No problems, very safe and constantly monitored by Enphase. Very good service.”

Solaray Client – David, NSW

MyEnlighten Demonstration