Enphase Featured Array

A Solaray Installation has been showcased as an Enphase Featured Array.

Mr Kendall turned to leading installer Solaray for its trusted reputation and its ability to build the system he had laid out in a timely fashion.

The recent drop in solar prices coupled with rising electricity costs made the decision to go solar simple for Sydney homeowner Matthew Kendall. The shape of Kendall’s roof and his family’s energy needs made it easy to go solar with Enphase.

A Multifaceted Microinverter

When Matthew Kendall sat down to research his solar technology options, he had a clear idea of what he wanted: a system that’s intelligent, reliable and integrated. Kendall considered the optimal system size and layout, and he modelled his expected energy consumption and production. Then he matched those criteria with the available solutions. After weighing the pros and cons of microinverters versus string inverters, microinverters—specifically Enphase microinverters—came out on top.

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