Enphase Myth Busters – Micro Inverters are Unreliable

Enphase Energy now has over 5 million microinverters installed around the world, and with commercial success dating back to 2006, Enphase has a proven track record both here in Australia and in key solar markets such as North America and Europe.

The technology behind micro inverters is fully tested and solar industry approved for the harsh conditions on an Australian roof, and last summer no micro inverter in Australia shut down because of heat – More on that here.

Continuous Improvement

The 4th generation M250 Micro Inverter underwent over 1 million hours of testing, as did the popular M215 microinverter.

Enphase monitors all of their systems continuously, pulling in over 400 gigabytes of data every day. This constant feedback has been one of the key factors in designing the reliable and high performing 4th generation M250 unit. The ability to communicate with each microinverter means Enphase can stay ahead of the field, with the ability to update the firmware of every inverter remotely from their technical facilities around the world!

Enphase now has almost 50% market share in the USA, and over 30% of all Solaray systems are now being sold with Enphase microinverters. Microinverter technology was hailed as the next big thing in the Australian Solar industry, and already we have seen the benefits of increased system flexibility and design.

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