Enphase Ships Over a Million Microinverters to Australia/NZ

Enphase Micro-InvertersEnphase, a leading manufacturer of microinverters, has imported over one million units into Australia and New Zealand.

Pete Thorne, director of Solaray Energy Australia, said the milestone was a huge achievement for both Enphase and Solaray.

“We are proud to be installers of Enphase microinverters and wouldn’t dream of using any other microinverters as the building blocks for our business, as we pride ourselves on using premium quality products,” he said.

Enphase’s software-defined microinverter architecture allows it to quickly configure new products for release with a single hardware design.

The company has a reputation for high standards in reliability, safety and quality of products, including a range of home batteries.

With more than 21 million microinverters shipped globally, over 940,000 Enphase systems have been installed in 130 countries.

Regular inverters vs microinverters

Most solar installers now recognise the benefits of microinverters for better quality solar systems. So why are microinverters so good for solar electricity generation?

The answer is that a solar system needs to convert the DC electricity that the panels generate into AC – the type used in most household devices. Changing the current from DC to AC is the job of the inverter.

Often, a large inverter is used at the end of a chain of solar panels to convert the power to AC as a single block. The problem is that if one of the panels is in shade or malfunctions, this reduces the total output because the panels are wired in series.

Even if the other panels are operating at 100%, the result is less power to the house.

In Enphase solar microinverter systems, a small inverter is attached to each panel and each panel is isolated from the others. If one of the panels isn’t working, the others aren’t affected. Each inverter is sending power directly from its panel to the house.

Get Enphase microinverters this summer

As summer fast approaches, Australians are looking for ways to reduce their rising power bills. Solar panels and batteries are the best way to cut power costs, while keeping our environment clean.

Find out how you can get a power advantage with Enphase microinverters by speaking to one of our energy consultants. Fill in the form below to get the ball rolling.

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