Your Enphase Storage Solution

Congratulations on ordering your Enphase Batteries.

Enphase Battery Installations are now set to begin over the coming weeks and you will be amongst the first Enphase Solar Storage owners in the world. It’s an exciting time for the solar industry and we are delighted that you are joining us to lead Australia’s Renewable Energy Revolution.

We will confirm an installation date with you during the install planning, at this stage we are expecting your installation to take place in September or October.

What Happens Next

Our install department will be in touch with you shortly to confirm the details of your storage system and begin the install planning process. The first step will be to confirm that you have a suitable location for the batteries. Enphase batteries are designed to be wall-mounted in an indoor, unoccupied space such as a garage or a basement.

How To Use Your Batteries

The Enphase Energy Management System will self-optimise based on your power consumption and energy tariffs. The batteries will store excess solar power to be used during the evening, and households with time of use billing will also be able to buy power from the grid at off-peak rates to then use in the morning. The Enphase batteries will help further reduce your power bill as energy prices continue to rise. Just as a reminder, solar storage does not take your home off-grid. If there is a black out, your batteries will not be operational.

The benefit of Enphase Solar Batteries is that you can reduce your power bill by storing power you would otherwise be sending to the grid, and you will now be able to use in the evening instead of buying power from the grid. Furthermore, you will now have the functionality to buy power when it is cheap, store it and then use it when power is more expensive. The financial benefit of solar batteries is therefore based on your feed in tariff, cost of power, solar production and storage capacity.

Please contact us if you are unsure about any of this so that you have an understanding of what solar batteries can and can’t do.

About Your Batteries

Enphase BatteryThe Enphase battery has a modular plug and play design that allows you to easily add batteries in the future if needed. Each battery has a capacity of 1.2 kWh with a depth of discharge of 95%. This means that for each battery you should be able to use around 2 kwh of battery storage if you cycle them twice a day.

The technology in the Enphase Battery is revolutionary. The Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry provides a long cycle life and it is significantly safer than standard lithium batteries. Each battery has a peak output power of 270W and a rated continuous output power of 260W.

We are here to help

We are very excited about the coming battery storage revolution and by leading the charge you are directly helping the growth of renewable energy in Australia.

Solar storage with energy management is a new and exciting way to reduce your power bill and increase your self-consumption of solar power. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Thanks and regards,

Solaray Energy

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