Finance Your Solar & Battery Storage System With A CommBank Green Loan*

CommBank customers with an eligible CommBank home loan or investment home loan can use the CommBank Green Loan to buy a Solaray Solar Power System and Battery Storage at the property secured by their existing home loan.

The CommBank Green Loan is an ultra-low, secured fixed-rate loan with no establishment fee, monthly loan service fee or early repayment fee.

We make financing your Solaray installation trouble-free and easy. Once you decide to proceed with an installation, your Solaray representative will provide all of the documentation you need to get your loan approved.

What you’ll get from Commbank*:

  • Ultra low-rate loan where the repayments are typically well less than the savings you will see on your power bills
  • The flexibility to make additional payments or pay off your loan sooner with no fees or penalties
  • $0 establishment fee
  • $0 monthly loan service fees
  • Borrow from $5,000 to $20,000 to fund the purchase and installation of a Solaray Solar Power System and/or battery

Eligible clean energy products

You can use a CommBank Green Loan to buy and install one or more of the eligible clean energy products listed below.

  • Solar power system with a system size equal to or greater than 6kW
  • Battery Storage with a system size equal to or greater than 5kWh

As an Approved Retailer of the Clean Energy Council, Solaray systems are eligible for the CommBank Green Loan. This helps ensure the chosen systems meet all relevant Australian standards.

You can find out more about eligible products in the FAQs on the CommBank website.

If you’re an existing CommBank home loan customer, you can apply for the CommBank Green Loan provided your current loan meets the conditions below:

  • Existing eligible home loan balance of $150,000 or more (not including your available redraw balance);
  • The loan is secured against a single property and is not an apartment or commercial property;
  • The loan to value ratio of the existing home or investment home loan plus new CommBank Green Loan does not exceed 80%;
  • The installation address of the eligible small-scale renewables matches the address we have listed as security for your home loan or investment home loan.

For further information, and to request a quote that you can use to get your Green Loan approved, please fill in your details below and we will give you a call:


*  All information regarding the CommBank Green Loan is publicly available and published by CommBank. Solaray Energy do not have a commercial affiliation with CommBank and receive no benefit from customers applying for or obtaining a CommBank Green Loan. This information is simply provided to assist potential Solaray customers with financing options. Naturally, Solaray Energy do not provide financial advice and customers should do their own research.


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