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No Money Down

How Stress-Free Solar Can Make You Money $$$

Put simply, solar power is significantly cheaper than buying electricity from the grid.

The more solar power you use, the more money you can make.

But what about the upfront cost?


Solaray has made Going Solar a no-brainer with a repayment option that doesn’t secretly cost a fortune.

Another ‘No Interest’ Scam?


We have been fighting against expensive payment plans for years, exposing how the cost of the finance is included in the price.

‘Ask them for a cash price, see what they say!’

Not With A Solaray System. It’s the same price for cash or finance.

Cashflow Positive From Day One

A Solaray System can be cash flow positive from day one. Example:

Potential Weekly Benefit: $40

Weekly repayment: $25

The solar system pays for itself.

Oh, and by the way. Our systems are built to last.

We don’t do cheap solar. We do quality.

For you, that means performance (in all weather conditions), reliability, and longevity.

Interested in finding out more?

A solar system can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next 25 years. Talk to the Solaray Team today to find out how much money you can earn with stress free solar:

That Feeling When… You Get Your First Power Bill After Going Solar

Reduce your power bill with solar

Massive Solaray Sale On Now – Save Up To $1000

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How You Can Earn Money With Solar:

Chart of Solary power bill savings

There’s A Reason Solaray Is #1 In Australia (really)!

As the largest Installer of both Enphase & LG Solar systems in Australia, Solaray customers love our hassle-free & professional installation with full service and technical support.

Why We Are Recognised As The Best Solar Installer In Australia by Enphase:

  1. No high-pressure sales, just great advice. Our experts will provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect system for your home or business.
  2. Talk with real people on your terms. Whether you prefer a phone call, a home visit or an email, we are here to help.
  3. High-quality products. Solaray only works with the best products available to maximise output, reliability and longevity.
  4. Solar that looks as good as it performs. Scroll down to see some of our install pics – from neat cabling to perfect rows of panels, we want your solar system to look amazing
  5. Industry-leading install standards. In over 10 years we have never had to remove or replace a system because it wasn’t working.
  6. Fast & friendly customer support. Our support team is local (no call centres) and the best in the business. All Solaray installations come with full technical support and warranty service. In the unlikely event that there is a problem – we always fix it. This level of service is something almost no other solar installer offers and it is why we are awarded by the world’s leading solar companies as the best installer in Australia, year after year.
  7. All of this at the most competitive pricing available in the industry!

Almost A Perfect 5 Stars On TrustPilot!

Don’t take our word for it. Find out what Solaray customers are saying about our installation standards and customer service on TrustPilot:

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Solaray Solar Systems are connected to the internet for cloud-based online monitroing and 24/7 back to base support.