German Made Solar Panels

Are German Solar panels the best on the market and are they worth the money?

6kW QCells Enphase Castle HillGerman companies are renowned for their high standards of manufacturing, and this has been particularly true in the solar industry.

Unfortunately, with Q Cells taking their manufacturing to Asia, it is no longer possible to get German Made solar panels in Australia from a company that has local support.

Here is the latest information about German Solar Manufacturers:

SolarWorld (updated 2017): SolarWorld has just announced they are filing for bankruptcy as they are unable to meet their debt obligations. This is what we have been worried about for some time now, and why we stopped selling SolarWorld panels when they pulled out of Australia. If a company does not have an Australian office and they become insolvent the distributor or importer is responsible for the warranty obligations. It is risky business, and we see this type of thing happening over and over.

Q Cells: Around the time Q Cells moved their manufacturing to Asia, Solaray made the decision to take the popular Q Cells Q.Pro panel off our price list. Q Cells were bought out in 2012 by Asian giant Hanwah, and have now moved their manufacturing to China, Malaysia and South Korea.

Bosch: Bosch stopped making solar panels in 2014.

How to Choose Quality Solar Panels

Solaray only supply panels from the top handful of manufacturers, in particular, they must:

  • Invest heavily in R & D
  • Have a local office in Australia (no, not just a serviced office with a phone)
  • Have been manufacturing panels for at least 10 years, preferably longer
  • Be vertically integrated, meaning they are not just an assembler with no control over the quality of the raw materials – good quality silica makes good quality panels
  • Have a fully automated and advanced production line. Yes, some manufacturers in Asia still do certain processes by hand!

Just like if you were to buy a top of the range television or car, you pay more for quality, longevity and reliability.

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So how do you justify the extra price tag associated with the top of the range panels?

Our staff are constantly hearing feedback from customers who bought a cheap system or know of someone who did and is now regretting the decision.

“I bought a 4kW system and the most it has ever achieved is 1.5kWs of power.”

Output is everything in residential solar power. The more solar power you generate, the lower your power bill should be. When you buy a quality solar panel, you are ensuring that your panel has the built-in technology to maximise solar output in all light conditions, especially in NSW where cloud cover and hazy days are common.

“I’m calling to get a price on new panels, my system isn’t working and I can’t get in contact with my installer”.

The other problem is the cost of replacing cheap products that are not working and are not adequately covered under warranty. Reputable solar manufacturers are publicly listed companies with legal requirements to honour their warranty commitments, with an office here in Australia so that any faulty products are not only covered under warranty but replaced including installation and labour.

Buying a quality system reduces the risk of costly repairs over the life of your system. Find out more: The Best Solar System in Australia in 2019

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