A Good vs. Bad Solar Installation


Okay, well, everybody’s looking for a good installation but there are a few core components and the actual work on your house on your roof is really just one of them. So what makes up a good installation? It is the entire package.

First, we’re going to look at your system design. Not all systems are the same. We’ve got to look at product selection, make sure the product we’re using is right for what we’re trying to achieve at your place.

Then we’re looking at planning. We’re going to look at planning and make sure that where we’re putting panels on your roof and where we’re putting the equipment is really the right location. One size doesn’t fit all.

The physical installation then comes along. We’re going to work on your home after we’ve planned it so our team know exactly what they’re going to achieve on site.

Commissioning is really important. As we move through this process, we’re going to make sure what we’ve installed is working and then we’re going to hand over the system to you so that you understand exactly what you had installed and how it’s going to work.

Then we move to day two, quality checks are really important. We’ll do those remotely and sometimes we’ll come to site and do quality checks but importantly we’re going to make sure the system has been set up the way we intended it to be designed and then we’re going to look at performance monitoring.

All of our systems we’re watching to make sure the output of the system matches what we sold you and then after we moved forward, support and problem resolution is really important. We’ve got to make sure that if there’s a problem in your site it’s resolved quickly and you know what’s going on.

So please talk to us about the entire package. We’ll give you a good installation. We’re going to help you understand what’s going to work right for you. It could be the best 10 minutes of your solar power journey.

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